About Us

Great Diving, better people.

Silverthatch Watersports was started by George Evans back in 2018 and then in 2020 Kevin (Big Kev) Mounsor joined the team, now we're gonna have fun!!!

During this time we have enjoyed the company of people that have come to the Cayman Islands to enjoy the Diving that it has to offer.  We would like you to join the club and experience the Cayman Islands as  Silverthatch Divers wants to give you the best experience possibly while you are here wether it is a short break or repeat guest to the Cayman Islands..  As long as you want to come and enjoy the Diving and the Cayman Kind people then we are your dive destination.

We offer a range of Scuba Diving and private boat charters to cater for anybody that is willing to experience the best that Cayman has to offer.


Try our World Cat Charter which offers morning, afternoon, dinner or even sunset cruise.  Enjoy the the 32ft World Cat with it's comfortable seating, Bluetooth DJ setting and private dockside pick ups. 


But don't let us forget about the main reason for us being here the DIVING!! Choose from either a selection of single two tanks or even go for the PRIVATE Dive Charter, grab some friends and save yourself some bucks and take advantage, with two meeting points from NorthSide to Eastend we can accomadate.

Meet Our Staff

Let's make the introductions 


Kevin (Big Kev) Mounsor

Boat Capt.  PADI MSDT

Kevin Mounsor known as Big Kev on Island is from England and has lived on here for the last 10 years.   He left the sunny side of England to come to Cayman for the rain, what !! LOL Obviously he is here to enjoy the Island life and the diving that it has to offer, but also to make a few people laugh on the vacation.


George Evans 


George Evans is originally from Australia and has been off and on the island for the last 12 years. He loves his footy, loves his diving, loves his family even more.  But This man is a social butterfly.  Which brings me to my point his favorite fish is the butterfly fish, LOL!!!!  


New Employee?


Always looking for new staff to join the Silverthatch Family.  Think you are up for some Island life then why not contact us..